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From the community


“There is a special place in heaven for Nicky, she is an unsung heroine who has dedicated her life at her own expense to animal welfare. Every single day come rain or shine, whether she is well or not, she wakes up in the dark to feed, rescue and care for hundreds of animals. My prayer is that Nicky will one day realize her dream of having her own premises to run a rescue centre.”

Olivia Symcox, Foster mom

“4 Paws does amazing work. Nicky works non stop saving and feeding our dogs in the area. Her services are invaluable and so appreciated by the community.”

Debbie Anderson, Business owner

“It has been a privilege to work with 4 Paws and a Tale Rescue the last 5 years. There are many sad moments and frustrating days, but to see all the happy endings makes it all worth while.”

Christelle Rautenbach, Volunteer

From the Blog

Dear Beulah

When we found you living with the same family that had Sasha in 2016, I promised you that as long as I could I would protect you from ever looking like her. But, they moved…

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A shaky start to 2018

By Nicky Koekemoer...A blessed 2018 all our supporters. You guys make it possible for us to carry on helping the voiceless ones by supporting us financially or by buying goodies at our charity shops or…

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The Joys of Being a Dog Foster Family

By Olivia Symcox... Being a foster family for 4 Paws and a Tale has been one of the most rewarding adventures myself and my family - Rus, Harvey and Kingsley - have ever embarked on!…

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