A shaky start to 2018

By Nicky Koekemoer...A blessed 2018 all our supporters.  You guys make it possible for us to carry on helping the voiceless ones by supporting us financially or by buying goodies at our charity shops or even by just sending up a prayer for us.  Bless you all.

The year has started off on a very sad and worrying note and I pray that this is not going to be the forerunner for the rest of the year.  Traps to catch wildlife have claimed the lives of two of the dogs that we have been feeding for years.  Another four came home with cable and wire still around legs that are cut to the bone.  They were frightened and in great pain.  Off to the vet… and then we start the bandage change every three to five days until such time that the wounds have closed up and the pooch can again use the leg.  This is a very expensive exercise as bandages and strapping is very expensive but wounds have to be kept closed as maggot infestation happens overnight.  Medication includes antibiotics for days on end and these dogs come back so needy and afraid.

Then to add to the heartache and worry, we lost a further three dogs to a yet unknown cause but suffice to say that we did everything we could to save their lives - again at great expense!  I have now involved the Environmental Health department in this as something is very wrong, and in the area where these dogs lived there are many small children all being exposed to the same thing that is killing the dogs.  We have ruled out poison and are beginning to think that there is something in the environment there.  Having a 4-month-old puppy die because he is riddled with cancer is just not normal.

We also said goodbye to two of our old dogs who died quietly in their sleep. RIP Browny and Cliffie.  Run free boys.

On a lighter and happier note, we placed the three hound puppies we rescued with wonderful families. Their mommy has also found a wonderful home so all good there.  We do however have three dogs in kennels that have been waiting for over a year for their forever family so please keep them in mind. Our other rescues are in foster care, there are so many needing homes where they will be loved and can grow old in a family where they are safe.

January is nearing its end and I trust that February will be a good month with lots of adoptions and no rescues needed. Please do consider becoming a foster family and please do keep us in your prayers and thoughts.

I don’t like sharing doom and gloom without giving suggestions to help so would be extremely grateful if anyone reading this could help to spread the word that we would be extremely grateful if anyone is able to assist us with:

  •     Large plastic drums that we can use as makeshift kennels for these abandoned dogs
  •     Old kennels that are not being used so that we can allocate these to the most desperate cases – especially that we are now in the rain and storm season
  •     Food donations are always extremely welcome
  •     Consider being a dog foster family – read OJ’s blog about how rewarding this journey can be
  •     Prayer –  for a breakthrough for us to obtain our own land so that we may pursue our dream of being able to remove all of the most severely abused and desperate cases
  •     Donations towards our ever-growing food and vet’s bills are always really appreciated 

All my love and gratitude,