Dear Beulah

When we found you living with the same family that had Sasha in 2016, I promised you that as long as I could I would protect you from ever looking like her.  But, they moved to another house and took you with.  I hunted high and low and I found you much to their disgust so for the past 8 months I have done just what I promised.  We fed you, we gave you shelter to sleep in, and put you on a nice long run so that you could at least move as you were tied to the drain pipe with a short piece of wire. Most importantly we had you spayed and vaccinated.  We also spayed your little Jack Russell friend so thank goodness you two won’t ever have to worry about caring for your babies..  It took some convincing for your keepers (I can’t call them family) to allow us to take you for the operation as the 18 year old boy who play’s the man of the house wanted you to have puppies so that he could sell your babies for money, but I kept on hammering on until he gave in.  I think it was just to get rid of me.  So, things settled and Nic would untie you every morning when you were fed so that you could run a bit and be free before this young man tied you up again.

Then in December they left for three weeks  and went away on holiday and left you all alone.  We did not worry as life went on as usual and you were so happy as we let you lose. You did not even try to run away.  Such loyalty. Little did we know that things would change in the new year.

He failed his matric and came back full of himself and looking for a way out of his life in the township.  This is where the most terrible heartache comes in.  You disappeared suddenly and for more than a week no one answered the knock on the door until eventually the confrontation took place.  He sent you away to the Eastern Cape to family there.  He even took your run and your shelter which I don’t mind as my sweet girl where you are now it gets cold in the winter and I know that you are going to lose weight and you won’t manage in the cold.  I have now been forced to break my promise to you and it kills me.  I fought  my girl, I threatened, I swore to no avail. I’ve had to walk away and pray that the angels protect you from the evil that lives in this family.  May God grant that you are saved by someone that will love you and care for you and that you never end up looking like Sasha.  Be strong beautiful one.  My prayers are with you. Nicky